Now I’m ready to start

So today marks two weeks into this new year, 2011, a new decade. Wow. Time really does fly.

I think there is no better way to start the new year off then by starting my blog.  A song which got me thinking about this post and is from Arcade’s Fire’s – “Ready to Start“.

The band, which I just discovered a couple weeks ago is really good. Of course many people who are down with the indie music scene or music in general have known this for years. Regardless of being “late” as they say on the band and the song, whenever you discover good music it always is exciting and something you tend to get into quickly.

Subsequently, I quickly downloaded their 3 albums and put them on my Blackberry Torch. Great Canadian band on a great Canadian brand, don’t you think? I am definitely a lover of many things Canadian (hockey, winter, beavertails, etc.) and will have posts on all of these things later.

As a PR (public relations) student there is much more to being a lover of most things Canadian. There are my personal interests of technology, sports, and finance, and what I like in those worlds and how PR is working in those fields.  There is also the daily grind (school, work, volunteer, and starting my own business) that takes up my most productive moments. So definitely, I will be blogging about those as well as myrandom thoughts in this space.

For those wondering, why the blog is titled “Babatunde’s blab” there is an explanation behind it. In Yoruba, a language of the Yoruba people in Nigeria, West Africa, Babatunde means “in my grandpa’s image”. I was given this name cause I had the same birthmark when I was born to my grandpa on my dad’s side, who passed one year early in [insert date] . Let’s not reveal everything on the internet.

Anyways I should be going…got a hockey game to run to today. Looking for the home team, Ottawa Senators to pull I big win. They are only 1/6 when I attend. Fingers crossed.