Two in One

April was a good month. Went to Toronto twice in one month, coincidentally on the first and last days of the monthapache burgers. On the first of April I went to the Blue Jays home opener and this past week I went to see a Swedish DJ (@Avicii on Twitter). That was a crazy performance, and now I know what a rave is like. Every time I go to Toronto I seem to have more and more fun in this great city. So let me walk you through what went down.

Ping Pong

I’ve written here before in this space on my rekindled love of ping pong versus one of my best friends. Well I got my revenge over him, on his home turf too.  We played our first series on Friday night and I won the best of 7, 4-3. The next day on Saturday I wasn’t so lucky, as I dropped the best of 7 (5-2 or 4-3 I don’t remember). Always such a great workout ping pong is for me, I also influenced by my fitness freak of a friend to do a tiny workout after our games on Friday, my first workout in a month. I should thank him as it did end up feeling quite good. We can only hope the summer gym membership follows.


I treat every opportunity interacting with others as an opportunity to network. Love doing it. I enjoy asking a lot of questions to find out more about people or things which I have little previous knowledge or experience in. At a party on Friday, I was able to run into a very charming girl who was a grad of the advertising program at  the same college I went to. Instantly we hooked up (professionally people) exchanged information on my Blackberry and it was done. A connection in Toronto to help start to pry open the doors to being a big city PR hotshot.

When I got back home, I sent her my resume and she sent me hers. It was created with InDesign, blowing my resume away. I should have taken design class more seriously because hers definitely has what it takes to get noticed. Something to think about as I gear up for the job search in the next year or so.

Other Stuff

On my visit I was also able to play the new Mortal Kombat game on the PS3. Craziness ensued with 4 of us guys, along with a girl watching in horror, to try and pull off the sickening finishing fatality moves. My best friend was able to get it off a couple times, more than any of us. Man are they gruesome. Check out this video real quick if you don’t believe me.

I know I’ll be back in Toronto at some point this summer. One of my close friends is moving there (today actually) to take summer classes, so I now have another reason to make the easy trip down there. Plus, the city is growing on me, especially the food.

Loved trying out one of the historic burger joints called Apache Burgers (the picture of the one I went to is above) in Etobicoke. It had former hockey players, mostly Toronto Maple Leafs from the early 90s and earlier (which was hard to stomach) gracing the walls, that gave it that small diner/old school feel. As well sushi is growing on me. I would have never ate it alone, but in the group of guys I was with they “always do sushi” so I tried a bunch of different kinds. It’s such a delicious food. Till we meet again Toronto…


A Taste of Toronto

This past weekend I had a great time celebrating my best friends birthday (known him since junior kindergarten) in Toronto. Although I had been to Toronto previous times, it was my first in-depth look exploring the city by means of walking around, taking the subway and hitting the club. In fact to be honest, travelling is not really my thing.

The only trip of significance I had been on has a family road trip to Orlando and a trip overseas back to my country of ancestry, Nigeria. That’s it. Missing out on the high school trip to Cancun is a constant source of jeers from my friends. I guess for me, I spend too much time concerned with personal finance, Call of Duty Black Ops and being an awesome human being. But with all of that aside, there is a lot about Toronto I really enjoyed and can be summed up in three points.

First off, Toronto is fast paced. Way more than Ottawa. It seems that in Toronto everyone has a place to go, somewhere to be. I’m used to rushing around here in Ottawa but in Toronto the rush is just so much more.

Going downtown, taking the subway and hanging out at the Eaton centre, is a great example of where you could see the rush. All it was was a great a mess of people, scurrying about, which is something I hadnt really seen, except for say downtown Ottawa on Canada day. Really though, there isn’t much of a compairson. Toronto is  a big, corporate city, full of people who just move faster than in Ottawa, which is a  smaller, more relaxed government city.

Secondly, Toronto is fun. Whether it was settling into my friends pad in Etobicoke, with all the amenities that he would need as a young professional, such as a pool, gym, squash, and even ping pong tables (I grew up with ping pong and love how easy it is to get into), or going out on the Saturday night as we did, there is a lot to do. If you like fun options like these, then I could see how Toronto would be the city for you.

Thirdly, the culture. Toronto is truely a multicultural city. You can see every type of person there, mainly because it is just so big. For me, being multicultual has always been a huge part of who I am. Most of my close friends that I’ve known since kindergarten are of different ethnicities and as a group if you saw us you would recognize such a diverse mix.

So that was my taste of a weekend Toronto in a nutshell. We’ll leave the partying aspects out of it. Let’s not encourage any particular type of behaviour. It’ll be interesting to see how my friend likes it as he adjusts to work there. I already have another friend who says Toronto is his “final destination” to set up and start a career. Perhaps as time unfolds, maybe I’ll be able to say the same.