Entering the Superhero World This Summer

Let me start off by saying that I haven’t been to the movies in a while. The last movie I saw in theatre’s was theOttawa-20110606-00031 King’s Speech and I have to admit I fell asleep. Great movie though. But there are movies that I never sleep through or seem to miss: action movies, well specifically superhero movies.They really are the perfect summer movie, since they are visually stunning, with a tight storyline, and full of drama.

I’ve always been into comic books, superheroes, that cool fantasy world (sorry Harry Potter) and the like. I think it’s because I remember back when I was younger, on those lazy summer days, when my brother and I would sit reading the countless collection of amazing Spider-Man comics we had. Whether you read the same comic five times, the storyline, with all the action, placing you in this fantasy world of heroes vs. villains, was always fun. You can imagine how I was when they did the first remake of the Spider-Man movie series staring Toby McGuire and Kirsten Dunst in 2002. It was pretty sick. I was constantly back checking the comics, making sure they did good on t intricacies of  the main characters, Peter Parker and Mary Jane. They did ok. McGuire was super nerdy and Dunst perhaps a little stiff. By the time they reached the 3rd Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man 3, things  went completely nuts and it became my least favourite movie in the series. Think Glee with superheroes singing…no thanks.

Today there is seemingly a new comic book movie coming out every summer weekend. Thor is out. X-Men: First Class came out last week. Green Lantern is coming out, as is Captain America. Not to mention a reboot of the Spider-Man series next year, the Avengers in 2012, and Iron Man 3 in 2013. If you have followed these characters stories in the comic books, like I have for the most part, you get excited with how these movies will turn out. I’m probably most looking forward to Captain America. Set in the WWII period, with the Axis vs. Allies backdrop, it has a different feel than the others which are in more modern settings and is the one I’m really looking forward to see.

Which superhero movie are you going to go see this summer?


Girls I Want To Party With This Summer

I’m a single guy and summer’s coming. The market is open and everyone is ready for fun. It’s party time. So with this in mind, I made a list of the top 3 girls (probably single as well) who would be fun to party with. No relationship routine here. Just fun times. So here it is. Babatunde’s top 3 girls he wants to party with for the summer:

3. Gaga

Not a big Lady Gaga fan. Girl has a voice and talent. Yes. But I mean she’s too out there, not very pretty and is playing the role of Madonna for our generation quite well. With that said it would be a good time partying with her though. Because there are so many girls that really love Gaga, I would probably have a better  selection of girls to choose from than just Gaga herself.  In the end though, I don’t see myself becoming one of Gaga’s “little monsters”, leaving her at #3. Let’s take a look at a better option of a girl I’d like to party with this summer at #2.

2. Kesha

Kesha, or Kesh as I like to call her, is much better. There is something about a girl like her that guy’s can appreciate, with her hair always in a mess, she has that “dirty” look perfected. She’s the type of girl you get drunk with and then stay up all night with. Kesh has an attitude which always seems to stand out. It’s something she plays with a lot in her music videos. As well, she’s my age, so there’s a nice fit there and we’d probably have a lot more in common than Gaga. Anyways check out this video of Kesh in “Dirty Picture” with Taio Cruz to see what I’m talking about with Kesh. An intriguing option at #2, Kesh doesn’t have quite what it takes to be #1 on the list of girls to party with this summer.

1. Dev

Number one on the list. She’s the most attractive of the 3 by far. If I had to compare her to another female artist, Dev’s sort of like this generations version of Nelly Furtado, with a different and unique style. Like I said she’s attractive, but it’s not all about her looks though. Dev has a sick voice, and lots of personality as evidenced by her twitter handle @Devishot (you know you’re the shit with a twitter handle like that).

Dev was in the song “Like a G6” which got a lot of radio airplay both in the U.S. and  Canada which made her a lot more well known. Dev is touring this summer all across the U.S. and some venues in Canada according to her Myspace page, to push herself as an artist. It seems she’ll be in Toronto on June 10th at the Sound Academy. Might check it out, since Toronto is almost becoming a second home for me.

Here she is in the video, “Backseat”. You’ll see what I’m talking about.