Tech Review: Sony Vaio EA Series

I took a quick glance to the Sony Style website the other day and I noticed something. New Sony  Vaio laptops. With Widi (wireless display). Sigh. Widi (wireless display) is the newest technology available for laptops, allowing you to wirelessly display images from your laptop onto your TV screen. No HDMI cable. All done wirelessly. It was something I was hoping which would be available for my current laptop. Unfortunately it came a year later, so I had to “settle” with another Sony product, the Sony Vaio EA series. If you could call this settling.

When I was looking for a new laptop last year ( I had a Gateway one previously) it took me a long time. The whole summer actually and then some, about 6 months till last Christmas. When my Gateway went down last summer, I vowed to get a laptop that would not suffer the same fate.

I went to,,, online laptop forums, pretty much everywhere that they were discussing new laptops and reviewing them. I learned a lot. So much that if you need recommendations on what to get, I’m your man. But it always comes back to your personal needs, and being the picky guy I am I had a few.

They were:

  • Good battery life (at least 3+ hrs)
  • Good video card (not the standard one available in most laptops found in electronic stores)
  • Core I3 processor or better
  • 14” screen or smaller
  • Great keyboard and touch pad
  • Larger than 320 Hard drive (that my old Gateway had)
  • Black
    Quite the list. My Gateway was about $770 (taxes in) so I decided I’d up the budget and settle on one which was around $1000. With my criteria in place, 6 months of research in place, it came down to two: The Sony Vaio EA and the MacBook Pro.
    The reasons were simple. I knew both were excellent brands with a very informed following, way more than the other brands I looked at such as Asus, HP (have heard horror stories), Dell, or Compaq. In terms of reliability, Sony and Apple, seemed to stand above those aforementioned laptop makers so it made me even more comfortable with them being my top two.

However, I could only get one laptop so I had to decide. And from criteria I was pushed into Sony’s direction. Firstly, I’m not a huge fan of Apple. They are one of the companies you either love or hate. You’re  PC or Mac. Although I love innovation and would consider myself creative, I’m a  PC guy. All day. So that was the first thing. Second, the Sony was customisable! Yay for choice! I was able to put in a Blu-Ray player (The Dark Knight looks fantastic on this laptop), and upgrade the battery to an extended battery. They even threw in Photoshop suite which was a nice bonus. Finally, It came in black. Colours matter and black > silver (MacBook Pro) sealed the deal. If they had the MacBook Pro, like the MacBook before it in all black, maybe it would have changed my mind…

So with that here is my video from last year, giving a quick look at the Sony Vaio’s EA’s unpacking. Enjoy! PS I sound a little nerdy.


2 thoughts on “Tech Review: Sony Vaio EA Series

  1. Nice & helpful review! Have used a PC for ever but have been thinking of going Mac, I guess there are some of us who are split as to what we really are:)

    • Thanks! One of my close friends has last year’s MacBook Pro, loaded Windows 7 and OS X, so he could get the best of both worlds. It was tough saying no to Mac. Maybe in the future…

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