Poor PS3

Poor PS3 owners. I can’t help but have a little bit of delight in your misery. You’re locked out of online gameplay,ps3 while the rest of us serious gamers (Xbox 360), can continue to delight in late night Call of Duty: Black Ops play.  A fairly large contingent of my friends who demanded I get a PS3 are now left with nothing to say. I guess hacking a network could happen to anyone could it? Of course. Tell me that after I’m done with these new map packs, I’m just too busy right now to care.

Could you imagine if this happened when Call of Duty Black Ops was released? This would definitely be much more of an outcry. I could see 15 year olds, writing letters in their broken English and foul tongues, to Sony HQ demanding them to get things up and running. I guess PS3 owners can take solace in the fact at least their online gaming experience is free. Which is useless now since the network is shut down, with the latest news saying it will be out till the end of May! Yikes. So what can Sony do about this disaster? Here are some suggestions:

Give a credit

Give a credit to PS3 users to use towards free online content or something in the large PSN (PlayStation Network) world. People need to be rewarded for their investment in you, and even through this frustrating time, it’s time to step up and give them reason to continue to support the PS3 brand.

Take blame

Some of the worst things when a PR nightmare like this happens is when the responsible party doesn’t take the blame. It may not be your fault, but as the face of the product,  you must own up to it somehow. To let the situation become a spiralling mess of uncertainty with no one taking responsibility, doesn’t help people have faith in your product. Management  should have owned up immediately, rather than go silent.

Stay the course

Sony is a great brand. I’m writing this on a Sony Vaio laptop. I believe in your brand. You also gave us the first portable MP3, the Sony Walkman. People love your products. So by just staying the course people will realize that yes you made a mistake but you have a good history with other products and in your brand in general, which will help to keep brand loyalty high.

Good brands don’t just die. I remember people saying they would stay away from Toyota forever right after they had their major  automotive recalls a while back. Last time I checked they were driving their Camry’s around the neighbourhood. Like Toyota, Sony has a lot of name power, along with this being (I’m assuming) a minor blimp in an otherwise impeccable resume. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, I should actually be getting a PS3 quite soon…funny how things work, isn’t it?


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