My First Year at University

My first year at university is over. Finished my last exam yesterday. Finally. What a whacky exam schedule I had. No exams the first 2 weeks. Then one. Then 2 in one day. universityThen one so late, the one yesterday. Annoying. But the same can not be said of my first year at university. It was…well just read the following to find out.

The opening scene

Firstly, I always wanted to go to the university I currently attend. Maybe because of the fact my two older sisters went there, but probably also because I thought it was the better school when comparing it to the other university it town, except for a few programs. So there was a little prestige factor here and getting into where I always wanted to go pumped me up, so I looked at being a big positive.

With that in mind, I went to campus with my smile plastered across my face as usual, ready to meet people. So off to class I went, diving headfirst into the university environment.

The classes

I had to take a lot of first year courses this year (to get them outta the way) and a couple compulsory courses. Let’s just say I’m glad I’m not 18 anymore. University would be too crazy for me and I definitely would flunk. There are some people who obviously shouldn’t be there. But this isn’t about them it’s mine, so I digress.

The classes were good, some could have gone better and there were some 1st year ones which completed blowed. For example, in 1st year business class where I took the leadership role (organizing group meetings, dividing the work, helping other group members with their parts) for our major project, it ended up blowing up in my face. People missed deadlines and work was handed in that wasn’t good enough.  Wish I could have had more help. Hopefully next year, I’ll be more energized and be in classes a little more relevant (although interpersonal communication and learning how to break up with a girl truly helped —> sarcasm) so that I’m more focused.

The fun

I’m probably weird in saying this but I love commuting. There is something about the commute to work or school  which I enjoy getting up for (very early for work I might add) everyday. So the ride downtown to campus was always a blast. When you get to campus it is even better. A population of students has to be one of the funner environments you can enter. There are all different types of people, some fulfilling stereotypes some not, which makes for great people watching, as well as interacting with them, fun. Other than the people you see though it’s also the people you meet that make the sometimes long days of school enjoyable.

I met one of my Nigerian brothers, C, we’ll call him, and we started going to the gym together. We both have older brothers and it  was funny because he said he wanted to bigger than his. Me and my brother always say the same thing and strive in the summer to out gym each other. I barely win, he usually does. So me and C went to the gym together, had classes together, and hung out. Good guy.

During the year there were a few girls that were in most of my classes and we worked together on a number of projects. Although nice, I had minor issues with a few of them re: communication. Overall, we formed good working relationships and did well on the projects we worked on though I wish (as I always do because of procrastination)  we could have had more time to perfect them. Stupid deadlines.

Lastly, I  was able to volunteer at school, something which I wanted to do from the start. At first, I applied to be a part of a special committee for students at school but didn’t make the cut. Too cool apparently. So I found a sports announcing position with the school, doing play by play for the  woman’s basketball team in second semester. It was awesome…my dream job, as I’ve wanted to do sports broadcasting since I was a little kid. I should have that gig for next year so I’m pumped to get back into it. Had great partners for the games and we always kept it light on the air. Looking forward to more next year.

Till next year

University is a different world than college. It’s bigger, as expected, and there is a lot more to get into, with all the clubs, societies, sports, and volunteer opportunities..Announcing the women’s basketball games made me feel I was really part of the school, which was different than my 2 years in college.

Also I feel like university is more about the professor, while in college it feels like it is more about the courses. The prof’s style has a huge impact on your learning experience while in college this is less pronounced.

I tend to agree with the idea of university being more theory based learning  vs. practical based learning of college but that doesn’t mean the two camps are that distinctly defined. My English class in 1st year university was my favourite class, due to the fact it had a good blend of both. Let’s hope that next year there will be new exciting classes, more fun, and lot’s of interesting people to meet as the finish line to my university career I can see up ahead…


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