E-shopping on Esprit

It was a little over a year ago when I was introduced to Esprit by a friend. He was adamant I check out this store withesprit him, so we went into their retail location at the local mall and I was impressed with what I found. European style men’s clothes at affordable prices. Shopping is really enjoyable when good style and great prices go together, but sometimes getting to the mall is the hard part. After work, I’m not too keen on staying in the downtown core and shopping. So what’s better? E-shopping. So that’s what I do. E-shop on Esprit. And I have to say I’m pretty addicted to it.

Giving my e-mail to Esprit was probably the worst decision I’ve ever made. They send me an e-mail about once a week, with sales allowing me to save 30 – 40% . All I have to do is put in the a promo code, fill up my cart, and checkout.  They don’t get me every week, I’m not that rich, but they usually get me once a month. What makes me buy so much from them? It is all about their product, European style clothing, which has made me completely tied to their brand.

Good brands become personal. You adopt it, defend it and sell it to others. This exactly what Esprit is to me. I love their clothes (adopt), stand tall in them and say the European style suites me the best (defend) and I’m able to sell it to others. For example, once I really nice striped long sleeve sweater one size too big from their online store, so I gave it to my brother. He asked where I got it and I told him Esprit. Now he is aware of the brand and is able to vouch for it as being good. I’ve converted him into a walking billboard of the Esprit brand. Too bad I won’t get paid from them for that.

Although e-shopping is fast and efficient on Esprit, paying the nasty duty is something I could live without. However, more importantly, the thing is is sometimes I miss going into the store and experiencing what it was like the first time I discovered the brand. A brand is about a relationship.That experience of going into the store that first time with my friend, was when I started a relationship with Esprit. The staff were friendly, and I walked out with a bunch of clothes knowing I made purchases that fit my budget. Plus, sitting on your computer buying stuff  in your basement isn’t as fun. You miss out on all the cuties at the mall.  And you can’t blame me for that can you?


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