Financial Fun

A couple of clicks and I was done. I had just finish filling my dad’s TFSA account up with a diversified portfolio of stocks. That’s all it took. A couple clicks here and a couple clicks there. Now, I’m no financial planner either. Just a PR student who is pretty interested in investing. I hope for my dad’s sake that “pretty interested” means “knows what I’m doing” though. I guess we will find out in a couple of years.

I’m addicted to the stock market. Everyday I read the business section. Everyday I check my stocks. Everyday I think about my stocks. But its ok.  It’s great to have passion. As long as it doesn’t consume you. I still go to work, go to school, and volunteer, so I think I’m doing ok. But how did I get here? Let me tell you how finance became so much fun for me.

It started back during high school. I got involved in one of those pyramid scheme financial companies. I thought I was on my way to riches but it was definitely a scam. However, I learned a lot from it, the basics of personal finance and financial planning, which sparked an interest in me and made me do more research on these topics. After leaving the company, I started looking at finance more seriously, or so I thought. I ended getting into trouble with it first.

I got into a lot of debt. Credit card debt. The worst kind.Through my late teen years, I spent a lot and bought pretty much anything I wanted at the moment, until I completely maxed out my credit card with two grand on it. Paying 20% interest on a two grand card hurt for a while. After getting help from my parents, in the from of securing a LOC (line of credit), I had learned my lesson. Hmm this story was supposed to be fun. Sort of depressing right now. Anyways two important lessons were learned. No pyramid schemes. No bad purchases on credit cards. Now onto the fun.

The fun started with research. I looked at some financial blogs, like Canadian Capitalist, the Dividend Guy, and a few others. I learned new things from these sites and continued to do my own research. The financial world, is a vast one with so much information out there, so I stuck to areas I was interested in (technology stocks, dividend stocks, balanced funds, etc.) and learned a lot. Until I got into the area of precious resources, mining companies, specifically companies that mined gold. Now this is where things go really fun.

Gold has been the best investment of the last decade. Bar none. From 2000 – 2010, if you left your money in gold you would have made over a couple hundred percent profits. Yep, hundred. I’m not going to get into why that’s the case. There is enough information on the Internet why this happened and why precious metals are doing so well right now in this current economic climate. I just want to tell you about how was able to strike gold personally and realize some of these massive gains.

Primarily because of research done by a friend and then my own research, aka due diligence, pointed me to a specific Canadian gold mining  company, I invested into last summer. All in. So far it’s been a fun ride. I was able to take some profits off the table and buy my Sony Vaio laptop because of my investment.  Things are looking good and I hope to invest more. Obviously, I should probably diversify, as well as consult a financial advisor, with more knowledge on how to grow my money, but being young I am afforded a lot more risk at my age. As well, if your convicted of something, diversification for diversification’s sake is silly. Throwing money in an investment that doesn’t have legs just so your money is spread around, doesn’t make sense to me. Go with your gut, your goals, and do your due diligence and hopefully with all those combined you will end up being able to enjoy some financial fun.


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