What I learned in January

At the end of every month, I’ll highlight things I learned or discovered that made the month memorable. So here I go with January 2011, the start of a new decade which is also the best time to shop, and a good time to start.

Best time to shop

For some it may sound trival, shopping as one of the best things I learned this month. For others who shop everyday or every week, shopping is a constant passion. For me, I am neither wealthy enough or like spending that much time in malls to favour your lifestyle choice. Rather I prefer shopping in bulk and January presents the best time to do this.

Without a doubt, January is the best time to buy practically everything. My new collection of wardrobe items is an example of this. I was able to get 11 new items of clothing for around 260 bucks (taxes in). This new wardrobe ranges from pants, t-shirts, dress shirts, and some nice v-neck (my favourite style of shirt) sweaters.

But January is not just a good time to buy clothes, but also a good time to make purchases categories such as technology, furniture, and mattresses, which I had to hold off as I had spent too much in the aforementioned categories. Definitely I am missing other things which make January a good time to buy but you can get the point. January is a good time to buy, but spend responsibly so you don’t end up with lots of bills for your credit card coming in February.

A good time to start

January also proves to be a good time to start. This blog is an one example of that. There are other things though that I have started in January though.


I started volunteering with school, providing colour commentary on women’s basketball games. This has been a great experience. I’ll have more in a separate blog as I have a huge passion for sports and being a sports commentator has been one of my dreams for a very long time.

Another exciting volunteer opportunity has come with working with Odyssey Showcase, a charity that promotes the history of Canada through music. Again it is too much to write in this space and I will have separate blog(s) on that as well.


January is a great time to start going to the gym. I haven’t started. I hope to get going in February.

January went by quick. It really felt like I was running around all month, juggling responsibilities. Looks like February will be much of the same. Let’s hope it will be a lot warmer weather though.


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