I choose you, or who chooses who?

People are funny. They make me laugh. With stating that, there is perhaps nothing that makes me laugh more at people than this topic of choosing, specifically in terms of choosing a  job with the biggest employer in the city, the government. It’s a topic that always makes me laugh. I mean how can I not?

For some reason, working for an employer that provides great pay, flexible hours, and good benefits, isn’t appealing to some of my peers. I hear many misconceptions from them about the government. Things like, “Government workers are lazy”. “You don’t do any work in the government”. Or the number one comment of “Government work is boring”.  My response to all this is: who cares?

I have worked 3 years and counting for the government. It has been a great working experience. My internship with another department during my years in college was my best working experience. Bar none. So yes, I speak of the government with 1st hand knowledge and experience as a young, cute guy. However, what is alarming is  this perception that my title opens with. “I choose you, or who chooses who?”.

Now for me I was chosen for the interview process, like any job, public or private sector, won my competition and got the job. But for the people who critize a government job, mainly my peers with private sector working aspirations, they haven’t been chosen for anything.

The government isn’t searching for them specifically, making the choice not in their hands. Same goes for the private sector. Life is about competition. Especially when it comes to jobs. You have to take the steps (applying) to be thrown into this competition. I doubt any employer, again whether it be the government or one in the private sector, cares if YOU apply or not. There is always going to be  qualified candidates  looking for work, educated people which make the interview process such a competitive process. So when they say all these criticisms of  the government as I outlined above, as if the government is hanging on their decision or is even an option, makes me chuckle, break out into laughter, and wonder what they are thinking.

Ok. I took a breath. I’ve calmed down…a bit.I hope my peers and my readers understand my frustration. When talking about work make sure you realize if the decision of taking a job rests in your choosing or with the employer. Because if the choice isn’t in your hands, your doing yourself a disservice by thinking it is. And that is something that find funny and I have to laugh about.


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