I’m a Technophile

When I first got called a technophile, I shurgged it off. I was too busy playing with my new Torch, awaiting the arrival of my new laptop (with Blueray player), buying cheap Bluerays and thinking how I was going to set it all up to watch on my HDTV. Yup. Defintely too busy to care. But wait. Is being a technophile  a bad thing?

I wasn’t this obsessed with technology before. In fact, I remember knowing very little about technology in the past,  relying soley on my more technically savvy friends, to get their opinion on technology, whether that be phones, laptops, tvs, or other electronics. However, it got annoying to keep asking advice of others. I wanted to learn things on my own. Because what I found is that learning things on your own can be empowering and research is something that I enjoy doing.

In fact, I find research fun. Whether you are researching about a trip you want to take, the new job opportunity your interviewing for, or a hilarious Youtube video, I think we can all agree research is enjoyable. So armed with my love of research, I decided to take that into this new world of technology I was exploring and see what I could discover, which as it turned out, happened to be a lot of things.

Fast forward to late last year. December 2010. It took me months to finally settle on my laptop purchase. After losing my Gateway laptop in the summer (brands do matter people!)  I finally got the Sony Vaio EA series as reviewed here on my favourite, tech review site, CNET.com, a month ago.

I almost dived into a MacbookPro but couldn’t do it with a clear conscience.  (Note: Gripes with Apple are forthcoming). I was able to customize my Vaio, load it up with the sweet Blueray player I was talking about earlier, they tossed in Adobe photoshop for free, ir came with one of those sweet new Intel Core I3 processors and it all made me a happy camper.

Added to the laptop shortly thereafter would be the Blackberry Torch, after dabbling with the Iphone4 ( again like the MacBookPro couldn’t pull the trigger on Apple products), and suddenly I was diving headfirst into the world of techology. Next up, an external harddrive to store all of my favourite  TV shows like Prison Break, Breaking Bad, and The Big Bang Theory. Also, maybe it’s time for a tablet. The Apple Ipad looks pretty impressive. Hmmm but that Blackberry Playbook looks quite intriguing as well…


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